Monday, August 31, 2015

Germany: Help Us With the Mud Flood European Union!

We need a lot more "refugees" in White countries and only White countries. It's not like absorbing millions of violent, hate-filled genetic, cultural and religious aliens is going to have any consequences. It's fine, keep paying those taxes and slaving away for a low standard of living while dark foreign invaders that want to rape your wife and daughter and kill you receive the hand-outs. Besides, you have a moral obligation to commit national suicide. Do I even have to mention the precious six nibblezillion that went up the chimney, that were shocked to death on nawrtzee electric belts, that had their skulls crushed by skull crushing machines and were forced to climb trees that the not-sees would then cut down, killing them? Just think of what you did to the Light of the World as the immigration noose tightens and the jihadan scimitar presses into your throat. Die for the jew, Europe.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on other European Union countries on Sunday to take a greater share of the refugees fleeing to the bloc, as her government struggles to cope with a record number of arrivals. 

You should be good for a few hundred thousand Somalis, right Luxembourg? Hey Belgium, how about a million desert cult sand negroes? Come on, let's make this one big suicide pact.

Germany expects the number of asylum seekers it receives to quadruple to about 800,000 in 2015. Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said the country could handle that number this year, but not over the long term.

Yeah, 800,000 in one year should be no problem, but I was looking at some long term demographic forecasts and just realized we're basically sucking on the "diversity" shotgun while the kosher big toe gropes around for the trigger. How about only a half million invaders a year? That should be no problem at all.

We're handling the current immigration numbers.

Merkel, eager for adequate shelter for the refugees to be in place before winter sets in, said Europe must move fast.

Winter, the most "races" of the seasons. Better hurry, we don't want moe-ham-head getting a chill in the land he's conquering from within. 

"If Europe has solidarity and we have also shown solidarity towards others, then we need to show solidarity now," she told reporters in Berlin. "Everything must move quickly."

We must stand together in total pathetic capitulation to a brown flood of dangerous outsiders.

Some European governments have refused to take in refugees and resisted EU proposals to agree a common plan to do more to deal with the crisis, which is intensifying due to a surge in migrants fleeing war and poverty in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Some European countries aren't dying fast enough. Failed races of dark monsters flee their own predictable behavior. The low I.Q., the fanaticism, the lack of future time orientation, the "muh dikk" and "muh sharia," these things have consequences. When you drop a turd into a glass of milk the milk doesn't fix it. 

"We are a country of immigration," De Maiziere told a news conference in Berlin

We were racially homogeneous for our entire history before the disastrous jewish century and now are being invaded by foreign garbage. We're a nation of immigrants, a nation of cucks and cowards. Seeing everything that matters die before our eyes is acceptable if it means we won't be called names by our enemies.

"We need migrants because we have too few children," de Maiziere added. "It is, as ever, a question of the degree."

We promoted the sodomite agenda, feminism, materialism, communism, nihilism, degeneracy, spiritual evil and endless guilt over the holohoax, and now Whites aren't having children. Instead of, oh I don't know, addressing and correcting the problem of White childbirth let's just bring the worst available brown sewage to replace the current population. That's nice and logical.

He stuck by the 800,000 figure for the number of migrants the governments expects to arrive in Germany this year, though two state premiers said the total could hit 1 million in 2015.

Seven figures worth of mudslime garbage in a single year. Look out United Kaliphate, El-France and Swedenistan, Germanistan is making a move to get to history's ash heap first.

The solution to low White birth rates.

Merkel's spokesman said Germany and a handful of other EU states could not go on absorbing a disproportionate share of refugees, telling reporters: "There will have to be a fairer distribution of refugees, with more solidarity."

Here's a proposed fair number, for all of Europe: 0. 

The refugee influx is stretching Germany's social fabric.

Yeah. Imagine that.

Last weekend, more than 30 police were injured in clashes in the eastern town of Heidenau, near Dresden, when a protest against a refugee shelter got out of hand.

Those crazy "extremists" and their refusal to quietly die.

On Saturday, around 5,000 people marched peacefully in Dresden in a show of support for refugees.

That's more like it. Sickening dhimmitude and appeasement, the pathology of the European White. Thank you for the fire-bombs, allies! We really enjoyed them and would like many, many more.

The invasion continues.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Is it "Racist?" A Handy Guide

In fine Ministry of Truth tradition we're seeing our language rapidly contract, a symptom of expanding the definition of what constitutes "speech crime" and the general decline in the average I.Q. via demographic displacement of Whites. Many of the words we've retained have been stripped of all meaning. "Justice," for example, is now a meaningless filler word to be placed in anti-White ravings. "Racist" might also fall into this category, assuming it ever meant what it was intended to mean to begin with, which is unlikely. It has always been used to describe anything that represents White interests or that our jewish enemy finds undesirable.

With this highly fluid definition it can be difficult for the Whites who have been targeted for extinction to avoid being smeared with this label and, as we all know, getting called a name by people that want you dead is the worst thing that can happen to a White person. Therefore in the interest of the public weal I present this highly useful list of what is and isn't "races." One warning: if you're reading this at a future date, say six months from now, probably a lot of the items won't be correct anymore, but such is the nature of "racism." For now this should keep you out of trouble, keep that career and materialism hamster wheel spinning and help you keep slumping toward the pre-dug mass grave for the West.

Not Racist

Black pack attacks, negro home invasions, "White girl bleed a lot," the knockout game, polar bear hunting, "get Whitey," negro pack rapes, "teen" pathology in general. These are simply [x] gone wrong, random incidents, wrong place at the wrong time, isolated events and the result of your own White racism. As a general rule the negro is never wrong, no matter what it does.

Jews calling for "White wounding."

Jews calling for the destruction of all Whites.

Jews calling for the assassination of politicians they don't like.

Endless holocaust payments.

Jews instilling guilt in Whites over imaginary sins.

Rothenberg? Must be German.

Maintaining Israel as a jewish state, complete with deporting negro "refugees." 

The talmudvision encouraging miscegenation and "Don't have any children, Whites!" 

Hypen-American groups for non-Whites whose only purpose is to loot the corpse of the U.S.S.A.

Our mulatto president sitting in an anti-White church for twenty years where a wealthy negro "preacher" ranted and raved against its benefactors. 

Our mulatto president pandering to la-teen-oh voters in a goofy Taco Bell dog accent. 

I hope I can count on the support of the la-teen-oh voter.

Phony "hate crimes" intended to encourage violence against Whites.

Open borders, foreign invasion, marginalization and destruction in your own country.

Cuckservatives, although they better keep looking at the wall and not try to direct.

Cucktianity, just be prepared to convert that "church" of yours into a mosque.

Communists, cultural marxists, non-White groups openly calling for race war.

Sharia law no-go zones.

Moose-limb pathology: burning cars, rape gangs, five day riots.

"Creepy ass craka," any and all anti-White slurs.

Is the West retarded?

Systemic discrimination against Whites in hiring, promotions, etc.

Importing the worst available negroes into the Whitest areas. More Somalis for Idaho!

White genocide.

That's Racist!    

I.Q. testing, DNA groups, department of justice statistics, your own lying eyes.

Hurting a negro's fist with your face.

Locking a car door, holding a purse with both hands, any action around a negro that doesn't indicate you're a lamb to the slaughter.


Trying to defend yourself in any way from the rot: gun ownership, knife ownership, being able to correctly throw an elbow.
Knowing what the Holodomor is.

Failure to properly worship the Light of the World, the traveling merchant that carries goodness and joy in his carpet bag, the wonderful tribe that works miracles with money, the jew.

G*d's chosen hates Whites.

Attempting to preserve White culture, religion, heritage and nations.

Attending a Christian church that isn't bowing down to sodomites and foreign invaders.

The word "ask."

Criticizing our mulatto president.

Donald Trump.

Expressing even the tiniest sliver of pride in the White race.

"I think I heard someone say the 'N word' at the Trump rally."

Well, I'm convinced.

Physical evidence at "good boy turning life around" crime scenes.

Arresting the negro or meskin, the rule of law in general.
Failure to sufficiently grovel, not paying enough, not bleeding enough, not doing the more that needs to be done.

Having opinions that haven't been approved by our ruling criminals.


Being White and not being dead.

Being White and dead.

Whatever else the jew wants to add.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cucktianity: Pope Wants Europe Invaded

The papacy has changed a lot in the modern era, becoming just another thoroughly kosher, cultural marxist and increasingly irrelevant office playing its own small role in White genocide. Gone are the days when Urban II rallied Europe against the invasion of moe-ham-head-dan scum, when Whites wearing crosses escorted the brown animals into hell. "I just hope the fall of Constantinople doesn't lead to the unfair villification of Muslims" is not a comment you would have heard. White nations were healthy and the moose-limb and jew enemy were condemned by our spiritual leaders.

Today's catholic church resembles a harem towel-boy eunuch more than a crusader, offering up one pathetic surrender to the foreign invader after another, perhaps vainly hoping that St. Peter's won't become a mosque within this century. Maybe if we completely surrender the jihadan will spare us, if we offer the most pitiful appeasement imaginable to an alien culture, race and religion that wants to rape our women and slit our throats everything will somehow work out. Perhaps a man used to concealing pedophile buggery has the solution.

Pope Francis has called the rejection of migrants fleeing violence “an act of war”.

Welcome to Europe following the scourge of the jewish century, where defending your own borders is now an act of aggression, where refusal to die is an offense to a violent and moronic alien menace. You don't want to be called names by the feckless and effeminate leader of a false and dying church, do you? Stop resisting the jew-promoted genocide, it's wrong.

Speaking to a youth group, he said the situation where desperate migrants were bounced from country to country seeking shelter was “an unresolved conflict... and this is war, this is violence, it’s called murder”. 

Failure to sufficiently prostrate yourself before an invading army is murder. If you think this turd actually has a direct line to God you're out of your mind. This is demonic madness, blood-letting and rape in the name of good feelings, the most important thing there is next to worshiping g*d's chosen.

 Can we send this to Vatican City?

In his speech on the island of Lampedusa in southern Italy the Pope called on European powers to do more to help the migrants that have been arriving on the island, according to the Gazzetta del Sud.

More always needs to be done, this is rule zero of cultural marxism. Europe's unprecedented and suicidal generosity toward the foreign invader is insufficient, our White homelands aren't dying fast enough. Give the dark monster anything it wants and then watch the gratitude as cars burn and your daughter gets raped. Camp of Saints insanity is needed to "save" Europe.

More than 2,000 migrants are believed to have died in the past eight months while making the journey across the treacherous Mediterranean sea in overfull, unseaworthy boats operated by people smugglers, according to Doctors Without Borders. 

Some of the bombs we dropped on you didn't detonate. This makes you a monster. An enemy army sinks to the bottom, prayers to their desert idols choked by sea water, their dreams of attacking the defenseless kufir ended. We should feel very guilty.

We need a lot more of this in White countries.

Many set off from Libya and capsize with charities such as DWB and Save the Children forced to sends boats to rescue them and bring them to Lampedusa or Sicily.  

Saving the White children that will be victimized by these vile aliens is not important, obviously. 

Prime Minister David Cameron in particular was called "racist" by the Deputy Mayor of Calais for calling the migrants "a swarm".

More like a plague, but close enough. Now even the most timid resistance to your own destruction is "races." 

He said the comments showed his "ignorance of the situation". 

In Soviet Europe having a grasp on reality is "ignorance." Words lose all meaning as nations die, a pathetic contest to be the best-behaved goy plays out while waves of islamic conquerors pour over the open borders.

Full Story.

 Trust us.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dinosaur Media Hit By Friendly Fire

During the disastrous jewish century the kosher media has been a tireless enemy of White interests. From printing obviously false propaganda to push us into wars to covering up the negro and la-teen-oh pathology to "we all be equalz" nonsense on the talmudvision, the assault was non-stop from every quarter. Fortunately the rise of the internet has ended the semitic monopoly on the flow of information and Whites are abandoning the "mainstream" in favor of sites like this one that tell the truth and aren't afraid to discuss topics like inherent racial differences in intelligence and criminality.

In Virgina the dinosaur media took another hit today as one of the "affirmative action" animals they had hired started "busting" on its former colleagues, an all-American version of the moose-limb magazine massacre in El-France. They lied for the jew, now they die for it.

Two members of a local TV station's news team were fatally shot Wednesday during a live TV broadcast near Roanoke, Va., setting off an intense manhunt that ended with the suspect shooting himself, State Police said.

Television broadcast gone wrong, a random incident. Attack the telavivision news and expect an "intense manhunt" rather than the usual memory hole treatment. Negro garbage suicides, sharing the same fate as the country it helped ruin.

WDBJ7-TV said the suspect, Vester Flanagan, 41, is a former employee who had been fired for reasons it did not reveal.

Hire the negro! Ignore the lack of qualifications, the idiocy and the propensity to violence. Put a 90 I.Q. living fossil in front of a camera and hope for the best. When the predictable failure occurs, it's time for a "races" firing.

Magic negro turned on its benefactors.

Flanagan, who used the name Bryce Williams while working for WDBJ, posted video on his Facebook page showing the shooting from the perspective of the shooter. The gun is visible and a victim, Alison Parker, is seen being shot.

The negro anti-soul, the content of their character. This walking piece of dog shit recorded its horrific and senseless crimes and slapped it up on jewbook. The profound ugliness, spiritual sickness and moral syphilis of the rotting remains of the U.S.S.A. This creature had more rights than you, was given special treatment and groveling appeasement. Our reward is a streaming video bloodbath on a jewish information gathering site.

 It's fine, the victims were "races."

The live broadcast at the time of the shooting showed Parker interviewing someone at a resort when, just off camera, shots rang out and Parker was heard screaming. The recording appears to include a  glimpse of the gunman dressed in black.

Dressed in black skin, a failed branch of humanity demonstrating its gratitude for all the sacrifices we've made and continue to make. Hopefully we can somehow blame this on the Second Amendment or the White Devil. Shut up, give up your rights and absorb bullets. It's the right thing to do.

"This kind of loss will resonate in these halls for a long, long time as we remember in their short lives what dedicated journalism they produced and what outstanding journalists they were," WDBJ7 general manager Jeffrey Marks said.

Unlike the endless "robbery gone wrong" and "wrong place, wrong time" stories of the War on Whites which we get into the memory hole as quickly as possible.

We bee reepawtah nao.

Flanagan tweeted that Parker made racist comments and that he filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission report.

Well, there's your full justification, someone might have said the "N word" or discussed I.Q. testing or committed face crime by not smiling broadly in the presence of the jungle monster.

He also tweeted that Ward went to human resources about him "after working with me one time!!!"

"Ware bee da second chances an sheet? I dindu nuffin'."  

Virginia State Police said in a statement that the suspect's car was spotted hours alter on I-66 but "sped away" from police before crashing his vehicle and shooting himself. He was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.

Don't worry, the best available White medical technology will be deployed to try to save this worthless genetic alien.

We're experiencing negro difficulties, please stand by.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ludovico Technique Will Cure Your "Racist" Baby

All your natural instincts, the same ones that have allowed your people to survive for millennia, are evil, ungood, "races" and wrong. The natural revulsion any healthy White feels when a boat disgorges its coal black contents into Sweden or when an American city burns to honor a criminal negro is wicked. You must be treated. Focus on materialism, on careerism, on the atomized self as the center of the universe. Make the worthless dollar your household idol, make hedonism the only reason to keep living. And for g*d's sake, don't have any White children. If you have committed that sin, don't worry too much, kosher social science is on the case. We will treat your "races" baby with jewish "science."

As early as three months old, children can show racial bias towards women who are the same race as themselves.

There's nothing more upsetting to the cultural marxist than reality and genetically determined human nature. We want to live among our own kind. It's hard-wired. The "multi-cultural" society must fail. They know this and don't care. Our enemy wants White genocide.

University of Delaware scientists claim to have found a technique which can reverse this unconscious bias.

"We're going to put this special rat helmet on your child."

 We explore what every sane person knew a hundred years ago.

Paul Quinn of the University of Delaware found that, by nine months old, infants were less able to identify individuals of different races.

This later leads to "no arrests were made" situations following black pack attacks involving identical looking and behaving stone age leftovers.

But he found that a simple exercise where infants were taught to identify faces with names could help to ‘reverse’ the trend.
This is "Barkevious." He is your equal. The sloping forehead, brow ridge, flat nose, burry hair and inflated lips are unique and special "African American" features found on hominids full of beauty and value.

  Look at all the "diversity!"

'Might these perceptual biases we see in infants be related to the social biases that we see in older kids, beginning at three or four years of age, and adults?,’ Quinn writes.

Can something everyone understands at an instinctual level actually be true? Is there something called reality outside of my communist indoctrination center? 

'And if they are, can we use a technique to reduce bias?

We'll change the most basic elements of human nature with Clockwork Orange-style programming!

'As we tried to answer this question, we hit on the idea that if the perceptual and social biases are linked, we might be able to reduce the social bias by perceptual means.'

That or just control the media, the educational system and the government, I guess that could keep the goyim slouching toward the grave.

One of these in every White home.

Monday, August 24, 2015

More German Genocide

The city of Dresden was the site of a holocaust in the last century. One that actually happened, that is. Jew-controlled criminals rained down fire on defenseless civilians, a sweet savor to the satanic evil they were serving. This event is now the answer to a trivia question, it's just dead Whites after all and besides they were evil nawrtzee women and children that deserved it. Jump forward to the present day and Dresden is still under attack, only now the kosher flames have been replaced by carpet bombing the two-legged biological weapon, the foreign invader here to kill, rape and loot. Once again, the city is largely defenseless and unprepared for this new atrocity. A handful of "extremists" have said rude words and we must condemn them, just as we might have condemned the one German who tried to shoot the bombers of the Allied golem, assuming such a man even existed.

The German police planned to step up security measures in a small town outside Dresden on Sunday after two nights of sometimes violent demonstrations by right-wing extremists near a temporary shelter for refugees. 

If you want your own nation, if you want to survive as a people, if you don't want to see your daughter raped, you're on the wrong side of history and are clearly a not-see and a "hater." Let in the human sewage, what could possibly go wrong?

Although the situation appeared to have calmed, the outcry earlier in the weekend illustrated the challenges that the authorities face as Germany absorbs an influx of people fleeing civil war in Syria, as well as other troubled places like Afghanistan and North Africa.

Absorb this demographic oil spill, Germany. I'm sure the fresh White towel will still be clean and pristine after that process is over. Nations are just colors on a map, after all. We'll make good little Germans out of the worst mo-ham-head-dan garbage we can find for you. This Middle Eastern bowel movement will improve your country, just you wait. Look at all the good they've done for the United Kaliphate or El-France or Swedenistan, or...

Almost 83,000 refugees arrived in Germany last month, and the government estimates that by the end of the year, 800,000 people will have come seeking asylum. 

A country the size of Texas is expected to somehow handle this horrific mud slide. Die for the jew, it's the right thing to do.

How about another 800,000?

The Dresden police said that about 250 people, some holding bottles and waving flags associated with right-wing groups, demonstrated late Saturday and early Sunday near a former building supply outlet in Heidenau, a town of about 16,000 people on the Elbe River south of Dresden. 

The resistance, such as it is. Helplessly shake your fist at the B-17 unloading its cargo of death, you hate-filled bigot. They even had flags, which we all know are extremely "races" and should be banned. More needs to be done. Not every German is shuffling quietly to history's gallows, just the vast majority.

Another 250 counterdemonstrators faced the right-wing groups, according to the police, who said they were able to keep the two groups apart.

The anti-White communists are on hand to make sure their own homeland gets placed on the islamic ash heap.

Some chanted, “Wir sind das Volk,” or “We are the people,” a slogan associated with the downfall of the East German regime in 1989 that has been appropriated by right-wing groups.

The jew communism never went away, it just got a little more subtle for a few years.

The police erected fences around the former building supply store where the refugees are staying. None of the asylum seekers were injured, the police said.

Don't worry, their access to free hand-outs and German women wasn't harmed. 

National suicide.

Mr. de Maizière said last week that every refugee who came to Germany should receive decent, secure housing and that each had a right not to be attacked or insulted.

Oh no, not insults! I think an alien monster here to prey on us deserves better than an unkind word here and there. Don't try to direct, Germany. Face the wall, suck on the ball gag, let the worthless invader have its way. You need to do this to survive, ask any jew.

Ignore the jew behind the curtain.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Cucktianity: "Immigrants are a Gift," Says Cardinal

The moderate muslim preaches war and jihad, ugliness and death. The unbeliever must be put to the sword, declares the mainstream, luke-warm follower of the false prophet. For the moderate jew the world is full of "cattle" that are to be enslaved and exploited ruthlessly for the benefit of the tribe. Then there's the modern era's politically correct JUDEO-christian, supporting the sodomite agenda, more African negroes for Idaho and White genocide. The cucktian delivers this sermon to empty pews, while all around the decaying false church White civilization is collapsing.

The United States is “a nation of immigrants and we are proud of that,” New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan told Catholic News Service (CNS) at the Marian shrine of Knock, where he delivered a keynote address marking the launch of a novena.

Sodomite priests and kosher spiritual evil, open borders and pitiful groveling in front of the brown hordes. With third world sewage pretty much the only ones left that aren't abandoning the catholic church in droves it's time to prostrate before the alien, mumble a thousand "Jobs we won't do" and rattle the beads while the U.S.S.A. rots.

He said that while everybody was talking about the so-called immigrant problem, “We in United States would say ‘the immigrants are not a problem, the immigrants are a gift.'”

The wonderful present of drug violence, rape, welfare dependency, ruined schools, filth, states going bankrupt, ugliness, loss of shared culture and trust and the descent into Brazil North.  We need a lot more foreign invasion, more good little cath-a-lick la-teen-ohs. I'll sit in the corner and look at the wall while it happens.

It's not even my birthday.

“If there is one thing we have done well, it is to welcome the immigrant. Every person in the United States, unless you are Native American, is a descendant of an immigrant,” he told CNS.
Because we all know the "Native American" was always here, sprouting like plants from the soil and never crossing an Asian land bridge or anything like that. In other news, Whites were actually here first. Not like it matters, a nation is shared genetics, culture, religion and vision, not stone age squatters. When that is lost all that remains is all against all.

Recalling that his own great-great-grandfather came to America from Ireland, he commented, “We didn’t have this intense anti-immigrant sentiment back then; America was known as a land of welcome, and there weren’t these restrictions.”

Oh really? 

"Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That any Alien being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof" - 1790 Naturalization Act.

Go back to hiding child buggery and polishing candle sticks, history is not your thing.

Rebuffing this anti-immigrant mentality he told CNS: “There is an unfortunate inaccurate uncharitable stereotype of the immigrant. Some of the most patriotic and loyal Americans are immigrants because they love their adopted country. They are more patriotic and loyal than we are.”

Must be "races" Whites up to no good. I think this celibate weirdo is a better source of truth than your lying eyes, right?

Patriotic and loyal.

Discussing Pope Francis’ September visit to the United States, he said the Pope was particularly concerned about the treatment of immigrants and had suggested that America “might be a light to the rest of the world, showing it how to welcome and embrace and assimilate the immigrant.”

Your cremating body can be a light to the world, just like g*d's chosen who we must worship.

Many of the people they met expressed gratitude to the US bishops and Catholic leaders for their “call for sound and fair immigration reform” in the United States.

Yeah, I'm sure a lot of people were happy with your cowardly bleating for national suicide.

Full Story.

Join me in delusional altruism, it's bliss.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dangerous Criminal Shot, Negroes Angry

It's difficult comprehending the depth and breadth of the dysfunction within the "African American" community, especially if you try to understand the predictable failure from a White perspective. To us things like rule of law, justice, societal trust and a civilized nation based on individual responsibility matter more than coal-colored dead bodies. For the negro everything is tribal, "he look like me" is the height of their philosophical insight into the human condition, the jew-instructed hatred for Whites the closest thing they have to a shared value system.

With this in mind, it's somewhat less surprising to see the dark animal defending the criminals in their midst while displaying, at best, sullen resentment toward the unprecedented and insane generosity toward this failed race from Whites. At worst the cities burn, because the lives of worthless criminal scum matter. Meanwhile the jew behind it laughs and dreams of the day it will receive the coffee-colored slaves promised by the talmud.

Police fatally shot a black man they say pointed a gun at them in St. Louis on Wednesday, drawing angry crowds and recalling the racial tensions sparked by the killing of an unarmed African-American teen in nearby Ferguson, Missouri, just over a year ago.  

This is the mind and anti-soul of the "African American." They'll wail and screech for the criminals that prey on their fellow negroes and then, when the police are afraid to enforce the law, wonder why there's so much crime, why "we dyin' hee-ah, come bakk wite debil." The jewish shekels purchase this chaos and the endless failed attempts at appeasement continue while society crumbles. Societal, technological and spiritual progress are not only stalled out but in full retrograde, all because we have to take care of dangerous genetic aliens who hate us.

African America.

St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said the shooting took place as officers were issuing a search warrant in a crime-ridden neighborhood, when two young black men ran out the back door of the targeted house.

Must be bad "streets," insufficient hand-outs and groveling and "races" Whites causing the same malfunction that occurs whenever the negro gathers in number. That bad neighborhood, who can explain it? Two monsters straight out of a nightmare pull a Jesse Owens. It's all our fault. Somehow.

Police officers ordered the men to stop in the alley behind the house and one suspect pointed a gun at officers who then fired approximately four times, killing him, Dotson said.

Nothing of value was lost. A dangerous jungle creature completes the life u-turn, finally beginning a crime-free and honorable existence rotting in a grave.

Despite the police explanation of events, dozens of people gathered near the scene protesting the police use of deadly force, according to local media.

Let's not let "races" things like facts and physical evidence get in the way of the typical negro behavior. Trying to control the rot is wrong, just ignore it until we start screaming for the "five oh" to come back.

Dotson told journalists the gun the suspect pointed at them was stolen. He said officers also recovered crack cocaine at the scene.

They clearly didn't do [anything], let's stop with the "racism." Doped up living dog shit waving stolen guns. A brown mob defending this slime. Keep paying those taxes, keep begging on your knees, everything's fine.

Wednesday's shooting also came on the one-year anniversary of the police shooting of another black man in St. Louis, Kajieme Powell. Activists were already in the area for a march protesting his shooting.

The B-List Michael Brown, stealing energy drinks instead of cigars. Sorry Kajieme, you and your failed knife attack just aren't very useful as far as manufactured crises go. 

Attacked police with knife, got "limited," is the subject of jew-funded protests.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pre-Teen Negro Commits Armed Robbery

Genetic determinism laughs in the face of the endless attempts to bring the negro up to the very modest standards of civilized behavior. After over half a century of appeasement and spending we're still waiting for any sort of observable improvement in the "African American." Instead they're getting worse. Following the election of the mulatto sodomite, arguably the ultimate act of groveling surrender to a failed and demonstrably inferior alien race, we've seen the pack attacks, the knockout game, and "pre-teen" criminals turning their lives around and getting ready to go to junior high. In the proud African tradition of child soldiers the ruins of the U.S.S.A. are now being picked over by child criminals.

There are hundreds of robberies in the District, and victims give many descriptions of the robbers.

In all these many descriptions it's sure odd how the same common elements keep coming up. Tar complexion. Flat nose. Brow ridge. Yellowed eyes. Giant misshapen lips. Sloping forehead. Burry hair. It's almost like the same robber is doing all the crimes, the same identical looking and behaving "diversity."

But a description given to police Friday seemed to stand out: It was of a child less than 5 feet tall and no more than 10 years old.

This was no mere "robbery gone wrong" for the memory hole. This display of negro pathology is so unbelievable we're forced to take notice.

The description was given in connection with an armed robbery on Madison Street NW, between Third and Fifth streets in the Brightwood-Manor Park area, D.C. police said. The holdup was carried out in mid-afternoon by two youngsters on bicycles.

Broad daylight crime in our nation's capital, those crazy "youngsters" and their innocent prankery, a bicycle as a getaway car. They're the same as Whites, honest. Are you gonna believe the electronic synagogue or your lying eyes?

Dis bee a wobrey an sheet.

One of the two robbers was described to police as 4 feet 6 to 4 feet 8 inches tall, police said. He was also described as black, slim, with a light complexion and twists in his hair.

Gentle dwarfs, full of goodness and light. Pay taxes. Give up your rights. Live in fear. Get menaced by living dog shit fresh from the welfare womb. This is a healthy democracy, this is the right thing to do.

The other robber was described as black, 13 to 14 years old, about 5 feet 3 to 5 feet 5 inches tall and slender. He had a medium complexion and wore a black tank top and black shorts. He had a high-top haircut, police were told.

This is more typical of the negro animal. A fully physically mature "teen" with a mind full of violence and idiocy attacks its benefactors. 

Thumbs down, don't shoot?

According to police, the two youngsters, on bicycles, approached the victim about 2:30 p.m. One had what was described to police as a handgun.

Be armed. Avoid the negro areas. Don't assume that four foot tall living fossil isn't dangerous.

The incident comes as the District has seen a recent spike in violence. There have been 97 homicides this year, up about 30 percent from this time last year and almost reaching last year’s total of 105.

It's almost like the collapsing rule of law and the browning of America has consequences, but that's "races" and therefore wrong.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Congrats Michael Brown

Like a hypnotist with a cheap watch dangling in your face and a droning, nasal voice our jewish enemy is desperate to get the increasingly intractable goyim back to sleep, back into the trance. Here's materialism and careerism. Your eyelids are getting heavy. Sports, booze and dope. So tired. How about feminism and pornography? Sleep. Sleep. The negro is your equal. Pride in your heritage is evil. We need an open border. Deeper. Deeper into the kosher stupor. When I snap my fingers you will be in a haze of spiritual sickness and convinced that you're a "races" that needs to die.

It's no longer working. Resisting foreign invasion is earning massive approval in the polls. Whites are starting to wonder why our genocide is presented as a good thing by the criminals in our media and government. Negro fatigue is setting in, just read the comments on any story about an innocent "good boy" whose life turn around process ended with predictable negro behavior, typical African disaster. Some Whites are even putting up signs, no longer afraid of the jewish minilove.

An Illinois businessman tired of endless talk about the anniversary of the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, hit back in a way that’s got people talking more than ever.

We passed peak negro a long time ago. Most Whites are now admitting that the negro is a failed race, that the last fifty years of spending and appeasement was an unmitigated failure, that Martin Luther King Jr. tm., K., was not a great hero or even decent by negro standards. Our enemies have tried to push pathetic "gentle giant" narratives to reverse this, but it's failing miserably. The kosher monopoly on the flow of information has been broken and the truth is now too obvious to ignore.

 It took death to turn the life around.

It was a sign that was brutal in its simplicity.

We're done being polite, past the point where the fear of being called a name means anything. The U.S.S.A. is about to collapse. It must be replaced with a White nation.

Phil Schmidt, the businessman and owner of Schmidt’s Welding and Machine Shop in Farmer City, Illinois, told The News-Gazette of Champaign that he posted the sign out of disgust with behavior of “peaceful protesters” marking the anniversary in Ferguson.

Working Whites are sick of the kosher con job, sick of paying for pathology, tired of receiving violence and hostility in return for this coerced generosity. We saw the content of their character: worthless animals that don't belong anywhere near White people. We heard the lies, we heard the accusations against us and then watched in disgust as genetic determinism played out in our burning cities.

 Dis lootin' bee fo' just ice an sheet.

“It is what it is — all these people in Ferguson going crazy over a guy that broke the law three times that day, tried to kill a cop, tried to get his gun, it’s crazy,” Schmidt said in an interview with the News-Gazette last week.
Let's not let the truth get in the way of the anti-White jewish snow job. A few minutes of honest research and the entire story falls apart, not unlike other tall tales from the chosen. How many went up that chimney?

Farmer City Mayor Mike Jenkins told the News-Gazette the sign would hurt the city.

Don't worry, a careerist scumbag who would push his own mother into traffic for one more day in the materialism sewer is on hand to explain why this was the wrong thing to do.

“That is absolutely sad,” he said. “When you do something like that, unfortunately it paints a picture of our entire community.” 

Not a single logical argument presented. White man bad, the same tired lies. Is anyone still listening?

They should start behaving any day now, keep paying those taxes.

He said the country has lost a “moral compass,” and the Ferguson riots proved it.

We've lost our minds and our souls. The only answer is White Nationalism.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Half-Dead Jew Communist Battles "Racism"

Recently we saw a speech by a communist jew ruined when negro animals funded by another jew rushed the stage so they could wail incoherently about nigga bodies, ah, ah. This is what a healthy democracy looks like: a circus of brown monsters screaming for White genocide, an alien jew criminal cowering from the same schwoogies it unleashed, a crowd of debased Whites maybe wondering for the first time if voting for cultural marxism was really doing any good. Now we must get the focus back on White genocide and away from the unbelievably ugly display of modern America that occurred. With the lesbian witch facing a possible trip to the green bar hotel it's very important that this exciting jew socialist get back on the anti-White narrative and try to forget the friendly fire from its biological weapons.

After bounding atop a blue trailer in a community park, Bernie Sanders quickly reminded people here that Iowa had helped elect the nation's first black president.

Yeah, great job Iowa. Our dead nation's first "yella" president. Hope you don't mind making room for more foreign invaders brought in by the jew. Hope you don't mind lying down and dying. Based on your support for a mulatto communist, this is clearly the case.

The next step, he said, is addressing racial discrimination and the recent shootings of unarmed blacks by law enforcement. 

Imagine a coast to coast Bodymore, Murdaland where the minimal constraints on the negro are removed, where the "five oh" is afraid to do anything about their typical pathology and the stone age monsters run wild. Vote jew communism, we'll get the corpse of the U.S.S.A. into the cremation oven much faster than even the worst cuckservatives.

When Whites are gone they will turn on the jew.

"I know that I speak for all of you that we are sick and tired of reading about and seeing videos of unarmed African-Americans being shot," Sanders said Sunday at a Democratic picnic.

Lies stacked on lies like a ziggurat made of kosher bullshit. Innocent negroes, about to go to college, certainly not putting wads of drug money in their mouths or throwing guns under a car during the Jesse Owens act. We're so sick of that rule of law and attempts to control the content of their character. Let them kill and destroy. To make up for it we'll start imprisoning Whites for speech and thought crimes. My bland lecture on jew communism was ruined by these schvartzes once, so now you must all pay.

"We know that if those individuals were white, the odds are very strong that would not have happened to them."

Wrong. There's ordinary deceit and then there's the dissembling you get from the nation wrecker. Tell the goyim the most outrageous stories, jew. Innocent turd-colored victims, hard-working and honest merchants, millions up a chimney, what's the Holodomor, I've never heard of it, etc.

Powerless against the zoo it created.

During three days of campaigning before largely white audiences in Iowa, the Democratic presidential candidate repeatedly vowed to address racism, police brutality and the nation's criminal justice system.

Must be that "races" justice system, police that are afraid to enforce the laws and evil old Whitey. Bernie Sanders plead a lot. More negro appeasement, that's what we need. It worked so well over the last fifty years. This next kosher humiliation will finally fix the living fossils, honest.

It followed disruptions of the senator's appearances in Phoenix and Portland, Oregon, by Black Lives Matter protesters who say his message to cure economic inequality fails to address institutional racism.

"I fully support White genocide and more free stuff for you shvatsas. Please leave me alone, I fight with economic voodoo and alien proxies and have absolutely no physical courage."

At the Wing Ding fundraiser, a high-profile gathering of Democrats in northern Iowa, Sanders rattled off the names of shooting victims in Ferguson, Missouri, Baltimore, New York and elsewhere. 

LOL. Come to the communist "wing ding," drop some shekels down the well, listen nervously while a jew that might not make it through the night yammers the names of negro criminals. That awkward feeling when there's nothing but suicidal Whites at the marxist rally but the jew on stage won't stop talking about dindu nuffins.

"On and on that list goes! That has got to end," Sanders said.  

I agree. Deportation is the answer.

Maybe destroying my own country in an insane attack on Whites wasn't the best idea.

At the Iowa State Fair on Saturday, Sanders thanked the state's electorate "for their courage in voting for Obama in 2008.  

Don't forget their courage in absorbing a black pack attack during beat Whitey night. 

During Sunday's picnic, Sanders said the country should be proud that it had become a "less discriminatory society" but said racism remains a major problem "that together we must overcome."

We're drowning in spiritual slime, invaders are flooding over our open borders and our cities are tribal war zones. We should be proud. However, there are a few healthy Whites remaining so much more needs to be done.

All animals equal, some much more so.

Friday, August 14, 2015

More Third World Sewage for North Dakota

As long as a single White person still exists, anywhere, our jewish enemy and the walking biological weapons it is flooding White nations with will not be satisfied. Every single White must be hunted down, none are allowed to escape the scourge of "diversity." We need a lot more Congolese in Middle America, a lot more. In North Dakota the latest load of human garbage is falling off the kosher truck and being hand-delivered by the JUDEO-christian do-gooder moron. This is a great thing and we should all be very proud. I'm sure we'll turn them into good little over-baked sloped forehead Whites, ya sure, you betcha.

Local aid organizations and schools say they're going to be very busy the next couple of months. More refugees than usual are expected to be coming.

Local law enforcement is likely to be very busy soon, too. More racial, cultural and religious aliens than expected, it's a miracle! Truly the cup of hemlock runneth over.

As of July, 215 refugees had been resettled in Fargo-West Fargo and Jamestown, 21 in Moorhead and 64 in Grand Forks.

Your small farming community should have no problem somehow integrating violent, low I.Q. foreign muslims. We all know that "diversity" is a mighty strength, so expect to hear a lot of stories about the rising quality of life, the increasing societal trust and the pristine cleanliness brought by this plague of two-legged locusts.

By September 30th, Fargo and West Fargo could increase to 350 new residents and the number in Grand Forks could be bumped to 100.

Every single one full of precious and valuable individual humanity, this certainly isn't an amorphous shit-colored blob chanting allahu akbar and preying off their feckless hosts.

 Meet your new next door neighbor, Whitey.

Jessica Thomasson/CEO, Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota, "In an ideal world, it would be spread evenly over the 12 months of that year, but we know that in a lot of years you'll have ups and downs."

In an ideal world you'd be going to the gallows for treason. Spread evenly, just like fertilizer. Soon we'll have our rich harvest of rapes, pack attacks, welfare dependency, bastardy and general third world pathology. 

Jessica Thomasson, the CEO of Lutheran Social Services, says the projections the next couple months are 10 to 20 percent higher than usual in North Dakota.

A false satanic church is at the center of this, big surprise. Cucktianity in action: we won't do anything for our White neighbor but we'll bring in the scum from half a world away for fear of the jew. One day these dead gay churches will be burned to the ground by the same low I.Q. jihadans they brought in, certainly a cold comfort.

She says their organization usually gets about two weeks notice of new arrivals during which they have to set up housing, furnishing and other things to prepare for a new life in a new place.

The suicidal generosity never ends. Here's some free housing, please don't rape our women.

We need a lot more of these rape apes in the Whitest areas of the U.S.S.A.

Overall, the U.S. plans to resettle 7,500 refugees this month and over 10,000 in September to meet it's commitment of 70,000 for this fiscal year. Most of the arrivals here in metro will be Bhutanese, Somali, Iraqi and Congolese. About 75 percent have family connections here.

This is White genocide. We're the bent over bitches of Bhutan. No laws, no homes, no Uncle Sam.

How would you good boys like to live in North Dakota?

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Michael Brown Search Continues

With normal Americans starting to get a bit uppity, even openly supporting ideas that have been declared heretical by our State Religion, we need another obviously phony narrative about how the innocent and pure negro is being preyed upon by "races" police. Ideally, the narrative that is chosen should be as insulting to our intelligence as possible. Start with a hulking "teen" that looks thirty and lives in an area completely annihilated by the content of their character. Make sure this martyr for cultural marxism has an extensive criminal record, embarrassing pictures all over the internet holding guns, drug money and crack pipes and is currently in the process of turning its life around and attending college. Be sure the facts of the case heavily undermine the claims being made and then force this mess into our faces on the talmudvision. Look at the poor, victimized negro lamb, sneers the jew. We can tell these outrageous lies, we can humiliate you in your own living room and what are you going to do about it? You'll just passively take it, right? Right?

A Trenton teen was unarmed when he was shot seven times by police officers Friday night while attempting to run from the officers, a lawyer for the teen's family said Wednesday.

Sounds pretty promising so far. In the New Jersey sewer a criminal animal pulls the Jesse Owens act. Probably had his hands up, too. This is a good coal-colored monster, maybe the next supreme court justice or rapper.

Radazz Hearns, 14, remains in stable condition at Capital Health Regional Medical Center in Trenton after being shot five times in the right leg, once in the left leg and has a bullet lodged in his pelvis, said the lawyer Samuel A. Anyan Jr.

Wait, what? Our Good Boy isn't even dead? Yeah, thank you for the resume, we'll be sure to get back to you. At least the brown alien can maybe extort some tax dollars off of this pathetic and typical tale of negro pathology.

 We be turnin' your incompatibility with civilization into cash money, gnomesayin'?

"He's lucky to be alive," Anyan said, speaking out on behalf of the family for the first time since the shooting. "We'll be seeking justice. This appears to be an unjustified shooting."

We're lucky too, because now this worthless genetic alien can commit more crimes, suck more taxes and ruin more lives. If there was justice this creature and its fellow negroes would be on a boat bound for The Mother, at last correcting slavery's injustices, forty acres and a mule in Liberia. Back to the pyramid building, free from evil Whites and their awful rule of law.

The three officers got out of their vehicle to question the trio and the 14-year-old ran, authorities said. Witnesses told authorities they saw the teen reach for his waistband before one of the troopers and the sheriff's officer opened fire, the Attorney General's office has said.

If only this living dog shit could have died and then spent a few hours sprawled out in the road, pants falling off, three hundred pounds of vile fertilizer. Instead, we have the difficult task of trying to make Whites feel guilt over a monster that got dinged up a little. You could have been another Michael Brown, so close but so very far away.

Good boy earns money mowing lawns, paper route, trapping out houses, etc.

A .22-caliber handgun was recovered nearby from under a car on Calhoun Street 12 hours after the shooting, according to the Attorney General's office, which has declined to name anyone involved in the shooting.
Physical evidence, the most "races" thing in the world other than I.Q. testing. So much for the "unarmed" teen. Another pack of black lies that matter so very much. 

Anyan said he's spoken to witnesses to shooting who would testify Hearns never had a gun.

Hey, just like all those lying criminal negroes that saw the cigar thief with its paws in the air. This story really has it all, it's such a shame the living fossil didn't have the common courtesy of expiring. We could have heard months and months about how that gun probably was already under the car from another negro and might actually be a sandwich. 

Strong MS Paint skills, bro.

"Those police were amped and they didn't give that little boy a chance,'' Tirado said Wednesday, while re-enacting the shooting where the encounter started. "There was no room for no chase. They just shot that little boy right there."

"Dem wite debils done blasted dat two hundred pound baby wit no room fo' no chase. We bee needin' less five-oh in dee steets lake in Bodymore, Murdaland."

Tirado's house is about 200 feet - roughly the wingspan of a 747 plane - from where the shooting unfolded. Tirado said no one from law enforcement has asked her about what she saw that night.

At night, 200 feet away, has a hateful anti-White agenda...yeah, this witness seems pretty credible.

Tirado said she didn't see Hearns with a gun. As he turned and ran, Tirado said she saw him grab his red sweatpants to keep them from falling.

Pants up, don't shoot. Clearly this dangerous piece of human garbage was just adjusting the waistline and not, say, taking out a gun that was, oh I don't know, later found under a car. Certainly the eagle eyes of a porch sitter would pick up all the fine details.

"I don't think those little boys had no clue what was going on,'' Tirado said. "I think they was at the wrong place at the wrong time.''  

LOL. Pulling a gun on the po-po gone wrong, a random event, etc.

Anyan said the officers will have to explain "why they were trying to execute a 14-year-old boy. You don't have the right to be judge, jury and executioner."

The negro Perry Mason. "Why you honkey debils be playin' da cue-ton-er wit dis nigga boy?"

"He pulled out a gun."

Trenton Mayor Eric Jackson has urged city residents to be patient with the ongoing investigation and avoid speculation. Concerned residents and clergy held meeting Tuesday night at Shiloh Baptist Church, less than two blocks from the shooting scene, to discuss the incident.

Time to huddle in the cultural marxist false church and screech and ook about this non-event.